1. Please review the training session that was provided.

Training session was insightful?

Video and audio quality was good?

Material presented followed a logical order?

Engineering instructor allowed for interaction?
Strongly agree

Engineering instructor was knowledgeable and helpful?
Strongly agree

Training session duration was just right?
Strongly agree

2. How effective do you feel our software will be in speeding up your engineering work?


3. To what extent do you feel you can apply our software to your engineering projects?

To some extent

4. What were you looking for from this training session but didn't get?

We hoped to see automatic catchment delineation if 1 point is known

5. How can we further improve our software (i.e., missing features or functionality)?

Adding automatic catchment delineation, drainage system analysis and reservoir simulation

6. Which of the following software do you use on a regular basis (e.g., at least once a month) for your work?

AutoCAD / AutoCAD Civil 3D

Please provide your name:

Dinya Amima Sara

Please provide your email: