Each company is lost among the other organizations of their industry unless they are properly branded. When you work with Tech Services Niagara...

Mobile Application

Tech Services Niagara provides comprehensive and extensive solution for mobile application development. Mobile platform provides an...

IT Support

Tech Services Niagara considers all possible obstacles that may arise for new or established businesses and provides a smart solution for each. Most...

Network Design

We don’t expect you to know everything that your business needs but you can certainly expect us to have the answers. When purchasing from Tech...

Phone Cabling

Tech Services Niagara appreciates that not all new locations will require phone cabling and networking.This is why we offer professional in home...

Sales and repair

Since many companies offer similar repair and upgrade services, we engage our competition with unbeatable pricing and professionalism...

About Us

Since 2010, Tech Services Niagara has defined itself as a versatile and competent company, exceling in a wide range of expert services. Since the beginning, Tech Services Niagara has been providing premium technologies and infrastructure services to homes and businesses alike. We specialize in computer sales, upgrades, and repairs ...


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